Kooky Kats


We will keep building and innovating at Kooky Kats as the NFT space continues to grow. Check out the current utilities associated with Kooky Kats!
High Level Utility Diagram Overview

Utility 1 - Entertainment and Gaming

Our Kooky Kats are funky, wild, and fun-filled animals, so you know they’ll be bringing the entertainment and games.
Our game focuses on compelling storylines, simulation as well as on-chain elements. Our game won’t be behind a web 3 wall. It will be open and accessible for everyone, however, Kooky Kat holders will get special in-game bonuses!

Utility 2 - Community Products and Connections

Our brand and project is driven by innovation and the ability to produce physical products. Merchandise and collectables will be an essential part of our business model. This allows us to introduce Kooky Kats in the real world by producing a tangible product.
As we evolve, this is the market we’ll continue to grow in, to deliver high quality products that everyone can enjoy.

Utility 3 - Wall of Fame

Have you ever wanted to design your own NFT to generate passive income? We’re developing a new way for our supporters to earn money without staking. Our Kats believe that everyone has an artistic side, so we want to give you the opportunity to let your creativity shine.
Our exclusive ERC721 airdrop system rewards loyal Kooky Kat holders by airdropping a free limited custom 1 of 1 animated NFT designed by you. We’ll pass your unique ideas over to the designers on our team to make your imagination become a reality.