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What's Hiding in the Alleys?

They call us the Kooky Kats. We are 5000 unique cats who have been abandoned and need a new owner. Life in the streets is rough, we have lived through countless hardships and every day is a struggle to survive. After many close escapes and perilous journeys, we have finally arrived in the great world of Web3. The no.1 thing we have learned is that we must come together as a family, and look forward to a bright future.
We may look and smell dodgy, but Kooky Kats strives to create an open and unique community with impactful utility that will keep us warm for generations to come. Cooking up in the alleys are plenty of saucy ideas. We're talking, community giveaways, discord events, Kooky branding, NFT education, Kooky games, and much more in the making!
Located in the back alleys on the Ethereum blockchain, our crew is rocking some crazy outfits and accessories (with some of us being uber rare). Each of us feature 100+ unique trait variations and rarities. No matter how cracked up we are, I'm sure there's a perfect cat for you to take home.
We are currently building our Kooky adoption center as our major landmark to house our kats, community, and all the fun we will be having. It won’t be long till we open so you don’t want to miss out on the grand tour. We hope you are ready to adopt the kookiest kats in town because we can’t wait to find our new home!