Kooky Kats


Narrator Kat is a strong believer in our values


Our community will always be at the forefront of it all. Without you all, us cats would have no home, no food, and we would not exist. We aren't afraid to push forward, be transparent, and completely honest to you all.
You put your trust in us, and we’ll return the favor + more. We may look a bit kooky, but we are softies inside. We will grow side by side, like the big kooky family we are!


Together, we will share stories of life in the alleys, and life in the big world. No matter how big or small your story is, we are there to listen and appreciate it. Us Kookies are here to empathize and appreciate each other.
We didn’t come from the streets for nothing! If anything, the streets have taught us that stories, culture, connections, and experience is the essence of life.


Living on the streets has changed us for the better good. We have faced many tough challenges and experienced the unimaginable. Through our experiences, we are now ready to pass on all the knowledge that we learned over the years and build something meaningful and sustainable for the future to come.
It will be our mission to build, brainstorm and implement utility to create a positive impact on the NFT space as a whole!