Kooky Kats


Early vision of our Kooky Kats

Our Vision

A Kooky Brand

Instead of creating a normal NFT collection, we will be building a Brand. At Kooky Kats, we are building a space which is fun, creative, impactful and realistic.
Kooky Kats will be an international endeavor. You will get access to top quality merch, opportunities, and connections. We will be building items, accessories, and products that you can actually use in your everyday life.
We don't want to appease just the Web3 community, but the wider human (and animal) community. Over time, Kooky Kats will evolve and expand as we make new friends, discover new partnerships, and become a globally recognized brand.
Overtime, we will transition to be a mass-market consumer brand through our Kooky Kats. We will build a Kooky franchise with a unique and attractive depiction of our IP.
Teasing too much at once will ruin the element of surprise so stay tuned for the staged reveal of our Kooky plans!

Creating a Kooky Community

Kooky Kats is an environment where you can create your own adventure. Everyone should have the tools and community backing them to succeed in their dreams. The community and team will be backing you and we will be backing you to push for your goals.
Kooky Kats will be a unique and family-like hub where everyone can gather, talk about their ideas and life, and anything they desire. We want this space to be a place to call home.
With these thoughts in mind, we hope you will use your newly found knowledge learned in the alleys to discover, drive, and deliver your own projects, life goals, and whatever it is you want to materialize. We believe everyone has ideas they want to bring to life and we, the community, will support you all the way.


One key point is that we are not just a 'community' orientated NFT project, we also strive off innovation. Kooky Kats is driven by its community as the foundation, and once that base expands, so does our capability for creativity and innovation.
We have many plans in the making, so stay tuned for future announcements and to kick off the amazing world of Kooky Kats!