Kooky Kats


Walk to the Streets
The Kooky Kat roadmap will be split into four key phases. These phases will outline our current plans and goals for our Kooky adventure. These are plans that we believe will benefit our holders, fans, and community the most. Our plans are subject to change over time as we learn, adapt, and listen to what our community wants. Our Kooky vision will never change, but aspects of the roadmap may be altered to provide fresh ideas and improve old ones. We will be listening to our community and we will put votes forward to see what you, the Kooky Kats family want!


Our Kooky Kats will be cooking up their favorite dishes to serve to our community. Each aspect of the roadmap will have a live indicator of progression. This is described as:
  • Preparing: We are looking into this, and are preparing all the goods necessary.
  • Cooking: We have put the goods in the campfire and it's cooking away.
  • Served: The goods have finished cooking and we're serving it fresh, right to you.