Kooky Kats

Kooky Kats Introduction

Fellow Kat supporter! You’ve landed on our whitepaper. We have big plans, so dive into the fundamentals of Kooky Kats and explore the goodies inside.
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Kooky Kats is a community-focused project with real-world application. Our mission is to attract creators who have a passion for growth, lifelong learning and to have an impact on Web2 and Web3. To those who roam the alleys, and for those who wander the streets, Kooky Kats is a community and a home for everyone.

What is a Kooky Kat?

Kooky Kats consists of 5000 unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that live on the Ethereum blockchain. The number 5 is representative of our kats lives. They have already gone through their first lives, will you adopt one so they don’t lose another?
Our fantastic team has hand-drawn and designed a unique set of traits tailored toward every scenario. These traits represent our kats life journey from the streets, all the way to adoption and living in their new home. We hope you can join us in giving these kats their forever home!
NOTE: We are constantly updating our Whitepaper, Discord and Twitter information as the project develops. Please hit us up on Discord or Twitter if you have any questions.
Our lovely mascot and fren, Narrator Kat